The Number One Key to a Successful Rental Property Investor Presentation is Rehearsal

Many of us have prepared a great presentation with great effects, graphics, and organization only to arrive at the presentation without every completing a single meaningful rehearsal. While a significant success factor for all presentations, a rehearsal may be even more important for investor presentations and in particular rental real estate presentations. A great investor presentation is about producing confidence, building credibility and hammering home the compelling facts of an investment.

What do I mean by rehearsal?

Ideally, rehearsal is a full run through with colleagues or staff of the presentation in an environment similar to the planned place of delivery and preferably in the exact location with the exact same equipment.

The objectives are:

  • Assure that you are familiar with and understand how to use your equipment and any software without any glitches. If help is required, the rehearsal should work out assisting persons roles and exactly what they are expected to do.
  • Check the presentation materials to verify that everything is in the correct order and in the correct position for the event.
  • Check the presentation one last time while working out exactly how the material will be shown to the audience.
  • Develop and work out how the material will be delivered (seen on the screen, discussed from handouts, and spoken too). This includes working out inflection, points to be made, interjections by the team, visual effects, etc.
  • Deliver a smooth showing of the presentation that establishes the time line, gives the presenter confidence, and verifies that everything is in proper order.

A serious presenter will develop a checklist for materials that checks off physical items to deliver, computer actions needed, and so forth. His staff or colleagues supporting the presentation are there to confirm, critique, reaffirm, and act as devils’ advocates for the presentation.

In general, the rehearsal will require three passes through the process. The first pass will check equipment and go through the motions of the presentation. In all likelihood, some mistakes will be noted. The second pass will capture remaining problems with materials. The third pass is a true run of the presentation materials and should work out commentary, points to be made, inflection, or other effects that may be seen as necessary. If needed, the fourth pass should be essentially a smooth presentation.

Great presenters who go to this level of effort are on a path that eliminates surprises, accentuates the strongest points of the presentation, and assures a calm, confident successful, presentation. Achieving this final condition – a calm, confident, assured delivery – is a major component for real estate investors to gain comfort and confidence needed to gain an investment commitment.